a farmer in africa...

Surveying a classic African landscape near Wonougba, Togo.

The land owner may be seen standing at the base of the tree. He has invited me for a weekend visit, guiding me on a tour of his property while sharing his dreams of crops to come.

In the coming days, many acres of the surrounding fields will be "plowed" by hand and planted with maize.

April 2007, Togo.

And, yes, we are back! After many months of packing, shipping, moving, adjusting -- and surviving a nasty dose of falciparum malaria -- incidence is online and posting new images once again. Coming to you live and in color (well, mostly black and white), now and forever from Togo, West Africa.

Rolleiflex T, Fomapan 400 (as Arista.EDU), PMK.