growing shame...

Teshka made this craplastic-eyed view of the "Tree of Shame" growing in our old neighborhood in North Portland last year. (We first displayed the piece here.) The tree has lost some branches over the years because it is sick. Unfortunately it continues to sprout heads from time to time, bearing these heavy rotten fruits of dripping evil that remain looming over our own heads.

We will be away for a few days, traveling up-country for the next week or so. We hope to see you on our return with a lot of cool stuff coming up: debut of a new old camera; visions from the land of Eire; more Afrique!

Links for the day: photographer (and Rolleiflex user) Ed Krebs, and his politically sensitive compilation of contemporary American religious wisdom.

(Many thanks to Teshka for bringing us this brief Holgarama!)

North Portland, November 2006.

Holga 120N, Fuji Reala.