african vernacular...

Ahhh, the owner of the mysterious white hand is revealed...

Teshka ascends to the highest levels of the Tamberma abode. Our hosts were most patient with our mid-day intrusion, and quite keen to show us every detail of their home and lifestyle.

As word of our presence spread quickly throughout the settlement, this small rooftop grew crowded with family and neighbors pressing in from all sides. All the fuss and attention and confinement made us feel a little nervous. We left soon, in the usual "yovo" way, a cloud of dust hanging behind our departure.

Another time, perhaps another life, we will return to Tamberma country. It would be one of the best places on Earth to watch an African sunset.

Togo, November 2007.

Rolleiflex 3.5E2 Xenotar, Neopan 400.