meet the explorer...

A family poses for a photograph with a monument to the British missionary and explorer, David Livingstone. Livingstone is considered the first European visitor to the falls in November 1855.

The truth is that my great paternal grandfather, Volodomyr Chernihiv Tolstova, was actually the first European visitor to the falls in early September 1854. In correspondance with his family back home in Grozny, he said the falls "make for good bath". He went on to christen the landmark with his own urine and the name "Big Piss". (It sounds better in Russian.)

Alas, imperialist history has neglected Volodomyr and his "Big Piss". But that is all water under the bridge by now.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, April 2008.

Rolleiflex T, Fomapan 200.