passing storm island...

During our stay in Tobermory we found a DVD in one of the local shops, Eye of the Needle, a 1981 WWII thriller with a very creepy Donald Sutherland playing the evil German spy.

Most of the action takes place on "Storm Island", a lonely and desolate chunk of rock hidden somewhere in the middle of Hebridean seas. The place is cold and storm-beaten, home only to a miserably unhappy young woman, her crippled husband, their unfortunate son, and a drunken lighthouse keeper. Presumably easy pickings for the ruthless Sutherland, who promptly sets about terrorizing and killing his luckless victims.

We later learned that much of the footage was actually filmed on Mull, which is not such a bad place as shown in the movie.

Isle of Mull, Scotland, May 2010.

Graflex Century Graphic, 100mm f/3.5 Ektar, Neopan 400.