old school...

Still life with Voigtlander Avus, 10.5cm Anastigmat Skopar, circa 1934.

We don't normally make photographs of the cameras we use to make photographs here at Chez Incidence. I dunno why not. I guess because it seems a little creepy and fetishist somehow, to be using our old cameras for taking pictures of old cameras.

Anyway, there are plenty of fine pictures of fine old cameras around. We don't feel like we really have anything new to add in that department.

So, unless I am mistaken, this is the first such image we have ever displayed in this daybook.

No policy change. Instead, just a thought that some of our viewers in this digital age may not quite get the deal here, or ever laid eyes on such a device from the past that can still be used for making photographs today.

And, well, it is a pretty thing, isn't it?

Lomé, Republic of Togo, February 2010.

Graflex Century Graphic (1952), 127mm Kodak Anastigmat (1940), Neopan 400 (2009).