outside the washroom...

Thanks to Teshka we live in a beautiful home and all the linens are rolled neatly and tastefully outside the washroom door.

Tirana, April 2011.

Technical notes: the highly sophisticated "Red Dot Apo-Tolstar" lens used for this image was fabricated from a meniscus element I salvaged from a broken Brownie Hawkeye Flash. The focal length is about 80mm with a waterhouse aperture cut to about f/8. The lens "barrel" allows insertion of the lens either normally or in reverse. Here it is reversed, also known as "flipped".

The ground-glass focusing and focal-plane shutter of the small Speed Graphic complete the setup.

Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic 23, "Red Dot Apo-Tolstar" meniscus lens (flipped), Ilford HP5.