the skinny...

Back when Lumpy was still with us, post-kitten and wombless.

Poor Lumpy.

Early this year -- 2012 -- I decided to shed a few pounds myself. Taking a cue from the Aussie Joe Cross, we bought ourselves a juicer and began making daily runs to the veggie stands here in Tirana.

For 27 days then, nothin' but carrots, spinach, beets, celery, apples, and other fruit & veggie oddments, all reduced to their liquid essence.

Unfortunately, this juice regime coincided with the onset of a severe winter cold front here in Albania, less than optimal timing when dealing with fewer calories to burn and diminishing fat reserves. Finally the chilly discomforts persuaded me to supplement the fresh juices with some hot homemade vegetable soup as well.

Anyway, I may not be as skinny as Lumpy here, but I have dropped about 10kg and had to punch a smaller hole in my belt.

The period has been particularly hard to endure for Teshka, who hasn't partaken of the juice regimen -- she doesn't need to, either! But whenever I'm not eating, it makes it hard for her to get a square meal herself. So she has been wasting away to practically nothing.

Poor Teshka!

Lomé, Togo, May 2009.

Rolleiflex 3.5E3, Planar, Neopan 400.