in the lime light...

A lemon tree grows behind our so-called "villa".

So this is not really lime light. It is lemon light.

Of course, lemons are nothing at all like limes. As one who tries every now and then to make a decent marguerita cocktail -- using whatever produce is locally available -- I can positively say that lemon makes a very sorry substitute.

But just try to get a lime grown in Albania! For some reason I fail to understand, that is just not happening.

Lemons are popular and plentiful here, though. Albanians are especially fond of a particular variety that they munch down whole, just like an apple, yellow peel and all.


So why do they call it "lime light" anyway? The dictionary says it comes from the old days of theatre, way before electricity and whatnot, when they heated up lime to produce illumination for the stage.

I wonder what would happen if they tried heating up lemons instead? Probably that would make a poor substitute as well.

Tirana, Albania, February 2012.

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