needles to say...

So we wandered the forests around King Park for awhile, made a few photos, then had lunch by a warm fire.

After lunch we went back up stairs to check if the space heater was making any progress on taking the damp chill out of our room.

As it turned out, the heater wasn't working at all. It was not even warm to the touch.

It didn't take us long to make a decision. The prospect of shivering through a cold night in a dingy room just did not appeal to our romantic intent for the occasion.

We gathered up our bags, scrabble board and prosecco, and got the hell out of there as fast as we could.

Mt. Dajti, Albania, March 2012.

Graflex Crown Graphic 23, 100mm f/5.6 Sironar, Ilford HP5.