on the road again...

Yours truly prancing upon Tanner's Bridge, an historical landmark in Tirana. From the guidebook:

This elegant Ottoman stone footbridge was once the main connection between Tirana and the highlands to the east. It was used to get agricultural produce and livestock across the Lana River to the markets, and sits in the area of skinners and leather workers. The Lana was rerouted in the 1930s and the bridge was neglected, eventually becoming a rubbish tip. It's now restored to its former glory and is used by pedestrians again. Watch out -- slippery when wet.

By the way, the stones on this bridge are highly polished from centuries of foot traffic. Slippery even when dry!

Site notes: we will be away for a few weeks. See you soon!

Tirana, May 2011. (Photo by Teshka.)

Ansco Panda, Fomapan 400 (old and damaged).